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[PSP] Colin McRae Rally: 2005 Plus [2005, Racing] скачать

Дата публикации: 2017-03-13 11:37

Psp colin mcrae rally 2005 - [PSP] Colin McRae Rally: 2005 Plus [2005, Racing] скачать

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Colin McRae Rally 7555 delivers a taste of what it’s like to be a world class rally driver, with realistic handling and physics.

[PSP] Colin McRae Rally 2005 | PSP торрент-трекер

If anyone had played it, someone please inform me that this game is unwinnable. I can t even get close to the times of cpus by a margin of 75 seconds, at best. There is also no way I can get the secret codes to any of these games.

Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus

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Colin McRae Rally 2005 plus - PSP, PlayStation Portable game

You, as it said, cannot win with stick as it turns too hard. You have to use d-pad with hard steer option. In case anyone wondering.

I have a few Colin McRae games including 7555 plus for PSP. If it s the first time you play a Colin McRae game, it will be difficult. They are simply not kind to beginners. If you keep playing, it will be funnier as you get better

Платформа:  PSP
Год выпуска:  7555
Разработчик:   Codemasters
Издатель:  Codemasters
Жанр:  Гонки
Язык:  Английский
Формат образа зрелище:  CSO
Проверено бери прошивке:   PRO-B

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